Our responsibility as stewards of the land extends well beyond the life of a product. Consideration must be given to the materials used; are they recycled, can they be recycled or are they biodegradable? Does the product use the least amount of materials; is it durable and easy to repair? Does the manufacturing process generate pollution, are the materials used toxic, is it energy efficient? Is the least amount of packaging and fossil fuel used to transport the product? Will the style date too quickly or can it be modified easily?

We use nontoxic glues, waterbased finishes (no VOC) and low VOC lacquers. Materials used in our designs are recycled, recyclable or biodegradable. Our furniture is strong and durable, using kiln dried hardwoods, mortise and tenon joinery and 8-way hand tied spring systems in our upholstered pieces. Our hardwood is sourced from a local, private, nonindustrial lumber company that is FSC certified and practices "Sustainable Forest Management" on all company managed lands Replica Designer Handbags. Everything we make is hand built in Chicago, blanket wrapped and delivered.

The current collective goals of society and industry must be to work towards responsible and sustainable design. Knowledge of the issues and education of new technologies are the first steps.

Our products are developed in a manner that does the least amount of harm to the environment. Our goal is to stay abreast of all the latest sustainable advancements made in the industry as it evolves over time.

Style, comfort and ecologically responsible design is our mission.